Fast WordPress hosting is the standard

WordPress makes it incredibly easy to setup your own website.Setting up WordPress is even easier with our 1-click installation.

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Why WordPress hosting

Our WordPress hosting packages are optimized for WordPress, so you are assured of low loading times and high accessibility. With 1 push of a button you install WordPress and you can immediately start building your WordPress website! And because you get our transfer service (worth € 49,95) for free, we transfer your existing WordPress site without downtime.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) with which you can create beautiful websites, blogs or apps. Over 29% of all worldwide websites use WordPress, ranging from small personal blogs to worldwide news sites.

By using plugins, WordPress has unprecedented possibilities. More than 45,000 plugins are available that add all kinds of functionalities to your website.

Fully optimized Webhosting
Fully optimized
€ 7.86€ 3.16
Ready for E-commerce business
Extra fast thanks to SSD
cPanel Controlpanel
Free SSL certificates
Free migration service

Most complete WordPress hosting

Building a WordPress website in one step

Fast hosting

In addition to A-brand hardware, our servers are fully equipped with SSDs. This guarantees fast loading times and high accessibility.

Free SSL certificates

Your WordPress website protected with free automatic SSL certificates.

WordPress caching

Thanks to various caching techniques, we make your WordPress site even faster, and with our expert helpdesk you can not be beaten.

PHP selection

In addition, we support the latest PHP 7.x versions.

Always a backup

We make daily back-ups of all your websites. You can easily and free restore backups up to 30 days ago.

Everything premium

From our packages to our network to our helpdesk, everything has to meet our high standards. This way you are assured of a great service.

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