Frohost Trust Center

We believe that, the good we secure for ourselves is precarious and uncertain, is floating in mid-air,  until it is secured for all of us and incorporated into our common life.

Built on privacy.

While many tech companies make a fortune selling your data, we believe your trust is more valuable. Our business is built on helping you make a name for yourself online — not selling your name to other companies.

Committed to security.

Hackers. Malware. Social engineering. Phishing. There are countless ways your data can end up in the wrong hands — and we built our infrastructure to protect against all of them, from the moment you hit our site.


Tools for compliance.

If you have a business, then you need to comply with privacy laws. It’s just part of the job nowadays. Fortunately, we have options that will help keep you and your customers compliant.

Technology meets humanity.

We won’t mention any names, but some of the world’s biggest tech companies go out of their way to keep you from talking to a real person. Our 6,000 Frohost Guides respectfully disagree with that approach.

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