How we address the abuse complaints

  • We will deal with your complaint as soon as possible, if necessary in consultation with an external advisor.
  • In the event of a compromised / hacked domain, an alert is sent to the domain holder. If any of the registrants do not remove or remove the unauthorized content, the domain will be suspended.
  • We only process fully and truthfully completed complaint forms.
  • We only use your personal data to handle the complaint and only keep your data for the duration of the handling.
  • In the event of intentional abuse such as Phishing / Malware / 419 scam / Child pornography, the domain name is immediately suspended.


Spam- You are receiving unsolicited email, text messages, or comments

Malware - You wish to report a site involved in distributing a virus or other malware, or found a site supporting hacking or cracking

Phishing - You are receiving emails or have been sent to a website requesting personal informaton

Inappropriate Content - You wish to report violent, disturbing or inappropriate content


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